Is blogging journalism?

In five minutes flat I created this blog. All I needed was a computer and very limited computer know how: hover mouse over “publish” button and there it is. A range of web designs is available to give the site a professional “look” and voila: I’m a journalist, and a publisher. There are, according to Technorati, currently 112 million blogs and 175,000 new blogs created every day. But, the vast majority of journalists do not blog. Many keep blogs, and some get to paid to do so by the company that employs them. Others feel it is beyond their job description. But to answer this question we have decide what is a journalist? Is it only the man with the press card tucked into the band on his jaunty hat covering the city council meeting? Is it a reporter waving a microphone at Jacob Zuma? Do we need to be recognised as a journalist through membership of a professional organisation? Hand over a certificate proving that we have read and understand Chomsky?


3 responses to “Is blogging journalism?

  1. My sentiments exactly … twas too easy, itchy!

  2. richardfrankza

    Does calling yourself a journalist make you one?

  3. esipisukhaguli

    I like your argument. But then who is a journalist

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