Visit to the Mail&Guardian

Riaan Wolmarans, website editor at the Mail&Guardian took this pic of us after leading us on our pilgrimage through their offices in Rosebank, Johannesburg. He spoke us through how their online division works and gave us a preview of the new look M&G online, due to be “soft” launched around mid June. It looks good and promises new features like comments after each news story, and greater use of video.

He gave us a demo of how stories are posted to the site, providing an idea of the pressures of finding archived links, images and any other multimedia they want to include as a story breaks.

In the morning we had a visit from Hilton Tarrant of MoneyWeb and he traced the growth of the company from when Alec Hogg and his former wife started the company with e-mail subscriptions of business news.

The company is now branching out into niche sites, going into joint ventures with staffers who come up with an idea for a new title, like Tarrant’s tycoon, which provides business advice for the 18 to 25-year-old entrepreneur. I liked their idea of people working from home, via their HTC’s and laptops, doing diary conference with MSN messenger every day.

In this pic: Werner Theron, managing director, Hothouse Communications; Craig Jenkinson, senior journalist, SABC radio; Gloria Edwards (senior journalist, Beeld); Jenni O’Grady (reporter, SAPA); Isaac Esipisu, lecturer, Wits University Journalism Department; and front, Ntando Ncube, South Africa reporter, ZimOnline. Not present was Fenly Foxon, news anchor and producer CNBC Africa.

Pic courtesy of Gloria Edwards.


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