Why does the information, insight and understanding that you need to know for a particular situation often come too late?

Why does life do that? I understand that we learn by our mistakes, but why is it not possible to learn this same lesson without the mistake?

Why is that circumstances you try to change seem immovable and then when they do change it is too late? Why can the changes that you are willing and planning not happen when you need them most? Would they not be of more value if they took place when or before you needed them, not later.

Would it not avoid a lot of pain and frustration and confusion? If we are supposed to have faith in a higher power or the forces of the universe, how do we hold on to it when it can’t get its timing right? Why do we have have to lose so much that is precious then watch the things that could have prevented this loss, that we have been working towards, suddenly fall into place?


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