Back of the bakkie people

This is something we see every day in South Africa. This is with love to the “construction workers” who help build our cities and towns.

Back of the bakkie people


Warm bodies

Remembering the comfort of

snatched sleep

Toes curl onto the bakkie floor

trying not to fall of at the brakes

Thinking of half past four


Head down

hands in pockets

A wave for a child

An encouraging, bright word, for a child

Walking through gravel

Stones spitting out

rising sun creating silhouttes

Eight rand taxi fare saved


Blowing out puffs

of morning steam

Hands in armpits

So this

Is our Jozi dream


The waiting men

Waiting for tea

Waiting for lunch

Waiting for that good life

to come your way


Back to the shack

The shared room

The newspaper curtain

The row of spotless takkies drying in the last heat of the day

Not a nameless casualty today

No paramedic calling me buddy

Buddy? Can you breathe?

What’s your name? Can you tell me your name?

Faceless and nameless

In Jozi


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