Beanlet and the uniform

Today Beanlet and I had an exciting wake up – she has lost another tooth! Remember that? The shrieking – the inner sense that it is a milestone – the waiting for the tooth fairy?


It is such a gift being with this little girl while she grows. We went from tooth, to chilling, to playing Solitaire on the computer. Then we went and bought her new Big Girl School Uniform – a sweet red and white checked dress. She will be in grade one next year. Oh my God, Grade one! I remember grade one and the nuns at St Ursula’s. My little green dress. Ha ha, and the spiritualist church next door that auntie Petro visited to talk to who knows… and the prison down the road… and the flat where my friends and I bunked in later years. That’s Krugersdorp for you.

I’m pleased that educative styles have moved on and that teachers are more understanding and compassionate. She is a well put together girl, knows what she wants, knows how to care, knows how to love. Is still working on simply listening and being still. Please God may she not doubt herself when around people who don’t know this yet. We had lunch, she made some new friends, we came home and ran through the sprinkler (me naked).  Now we’re watching Win Dixie which has a Dave Matthews cameo – nice.


One response to “Beanlet and the uniform

  1. Ha you went to that old branch of St Ursula’s that was Peter and Paul or something like the two dickey birds – my best friend went there. I went to Monument Primary. Tell me by email which school she’s going to …

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