Happy Birthday Ms J

(Written before Jazzy’s birthday in 2012 and found in old drafts)

Time passes quickly and time passes slowly. Sitting at this table in 2003 I was wondering what those small cramps were. Wind I was told. It was two weeks too early for the big day. Eight hours later I was screaming the Hillbrow tower down and a little person stared at me with huge eyes.

Miracle and wonder.

It is apt that in this week’s word list one of the words Ms J has to learn is voyage. It’s part of the “oy” sequence they are learning. Oy. I say that a lot on this voyage we are having. And sometimes that’s all you can do. If the hamster falls in the guitar during his freetime and you can’t get him out because he’s now nesting in the far curve, you can just say oy, and make a plan to free him.

Her voyage has been a tough one for such a little person. But she seems to remember the silly thing I used to say to her from when she was very little. Just sing and have fun. Another oy word on the list – enjoy. There’s also boycott. No I won’t wear a jersey I’m not cold. Yes I know it’s winter. No I won’t wear those brand new shoes they’re pinchy.

Boyfriend. She is still smitten by a certain class smartypants who starts sentences with “as you know I…”. He shockingly dispensed inaccurate information about why birds don’t get shocked on powerlines yesterday. He had told her before the class and she said afterwards she was very pleased the teacher didn’t pick her to answer the question. She would have looked so stupid she said. Oy. He lost a bit of his glitter I’m afraid.

She announced that now that she is getting a little older, she can’t speak dog and cat anymore, so I have lost my interpreter. She insists she is old enough for a cellphone, but still cannot understand why Shakira would allow the s word on her CD because it’s such a bad word. Joy.

It’s quite a voyage Ms J and I’m loving it. And I’m also not taking my seat belt off yet. Happy birthday bean. X


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